Program Levels

Core Orthopaedic Certification

Core certification demonstrates that the organization has achievedrecognition for a specialty program and has the required infrastructureto provide evidence-based care for a target population. To be eligible,the organization must be accredited by a nationally recognizedaccreditation organization or hold current CMS certification.Participation requires the organization to have:

  • Dedicated core team of clinicians overseeing theorthopaedic program
  • Orthopaedic training for core leaders
  • Orthopaedic training for staff that provide direct careto specialty patients
  • Policies and order sets based on orthopaedic-specific,evidence-based practice

Advanced Orthopaedic Certification

Advanced certification demonstrates that the organization meets theCore level certification criteria and has the capacity to care for andperform more complex procedures safely and effectively. Additionally,the organization is performing total joint replacements and/or spineprocedures. Requirements include:

  • Total joint replacement and/or spine program
  • Dedicated core team of clinicians with education andexpertise in orthopaedics
  • Staff that have or are working toward orthopaediccertification credentials
  • Performance measures that are collected and submittedto a nationally recognized orthopaedic registry