Healthcare Consultants International, Inc. (HCI)

In 1999, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Care (AAAHC) established Healthcare Consultants International (HCI) to provide health care facilities guidance in driving quality improvement in patient care. Over the past seven years, HCI Managing Director Kristine Mighion, MD, expanded its services to provide hundreds of organizations assistance in preparing for accreditation, applying for Medicare certification, and implementing organization-wide quality improvement. Recently, however, in a concerted effort to heighten AAAHC focus on developing and promoting relevant standards for a broadening spectrum of healthcare facilities, the HCI and AAAHC Board leadership decided to suspend HCI’s consulting operations effective December 31, 2017. 

Through our work assisting health care facilities, we have observed tremendous quality improvements in facility operations and the care organizations provide to their patients. We are pleased to share that Dr. Mighion will continue with her commitment to health care quality through a new consulting organization, HealthCon Corp. At this time, HealthCon will complete delivery of all HCI client work currently in progress. To learn more about HealthCon Corp. or to contact Dr. Mighion, please visit or call 847-922-2441.

We recognize that some organizations are interested in consulting support to assist in facility setup and accreditation preparation. Please feel free to reach out to AAAHC for suggestions on factors to consider when selecting a consultant. Additionally, we encourage you to ask your peers or respective professional associations for referrals to consultants that may be able to assist with your accreditation compliance needs. For information on selecting a consulant, please click here.

If you have questions, please contact Nikki Wszolek at