The Bernie - a QI award

The Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award recognizes exemplary quality improvement studies conducted by AAAHC accredited organizations.

And the 6 finalists are:

Danbury Surgery Center for "Cutting the Cost of Miochol"

Fort Worth Endoscopy Center for "Using C02 for Insufflation to Reduce Patient Discomfort"

HSWL Kodiak, Rockmore-King Clinic for "Travel to Obtain Healthcare and USCG C-130 Hercules Aircraft Utilization"

Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas for "Reducing Immediate Use Steam Sterilization"

Quad Med for "Narcotic Prescribing in Primary Care: System Level Changes to Help Manage the Opioid Crisis"

Winslow Indian Health Center for "Transition of Care Service: Post Discharge Medication Reconciliation"

Each finalist will prepare a poster describing their study to present at the March Achieving Accreditation seminar. Attendees will cast ballots for their favorite and winners (both Kershner panel and "People's Choice") will be announced during the conference. All winning posters will be published in the Spring issue of Triangle Times.

Criteria and Review Process

An Institute-designated Expert Panel will review all applications against criteria based on the 10 elements of QI reflected in AAAHC Standards and name six finalists in the Fall.

The criteria against which the Expert Panel will judge submissions is:

1. Overall clarity and conciseness of the description of and/or rationale for:

* The quality issue addressed
* Appropriateness of the performance goal
* Data collected (performance measure[s])
* Data collection methodology
* Data analyses and conclusions
* Comparison of initial performance versus performance goal
* The development and implementation of corrective action, and, if necessary, additional corrective action
* Re-measurement, and, if necessary, additional re-measurement
* New current performance versus performance goal
* Methods of communication of the study findings throughout the organization

2. Evidence of: innovative thinking, working as as team, and setting an example that can be used in other ambulatory health care settings/for other ambulatory health care issues.

Recommendations of the Expert Panel will be submitted to the AAAHC Institute Advisory Committee for review and approval.  The decisions of the Committee will be final.