HIPAA Resource List

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Below are a variety of resources that can help you understand and prepare for HIPAA compliance.

Health Information Privacy

American Academy of Dermatology Association

Resource materials are available under the “Practice Management” tab at www.add.org, click on “Compliance/Legal”.

American Academy of Family Physicians

Go to the “Running a Practice” tab at www.aafp.org and click on “More”. Follow the “Practice Administrator Desk” link to find information on HIPPA and other regulatory compliance issues.

American College Health Association

Click here for a list of resources compiled for student health services by a special coalition.

ASC Association

A list of resources is available under “Ambulatory Surgery Foundation Resources on HIPAA” at http://ascassociation.org/hipaa or call (703) 836.8808.

Medical Group Management Association

HIPAA Compliance Handbook, 2011 Edition, item #8360 available for purchase. Additional Resources are available here.