Based on feedback from CMS, we have made changes to the AAAHC/CMS standards crosswalk. – 7/18/2012

 Major changes include:

  • Organizations no longer have to adhere to a specified list of emergency equipment. Instead, organizations must craft an appropriate emergency equipment plan based on the procedures performed and population served. The emergency equipment must be immediately available for use during emergency situations.
  • In May 2009, CMS incorporated Infection Control as a condition-level requirement. At that time, CMS standards related to infection control were included under the condition for Physical Environment. Earlier this year, CMS eliminated this duplication of standards by removing these infection control-related standards from the Physical Environment condition and exclusively maintaining infection control-related standards under the Infection Control condition for coverage.

The complete revised crosswalk can be viewed here.

All changes became effective July 16, 2012 and will be applied on all Medicare deemed status surveys after this date.

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Contact: Geoffrey Charlton-Perrin