AAAHC removing published reference to survey window for Medicare deemed status surveys – 10/11/2012

AAAHC/CMS policy changes effective for surveys being scheduled starting November 1, 2012.

Medicare surveys are required to be unannounced. AAAHC is removing any previously published indication of the 90-day survey window. Survey scheduling staff will work with organizations to determine an optimum survey timeframe and we will continue to allow five (5) blackout dates. The following sections of the 2012 Accreditation Handbook Including Medicare Requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) have been revised due to the removal of survey window language:

  • Survey fee (page 10)
  • Scheduling (page 10)
  • Cancellation (page 10)
  • EOS/Initial Medicare Deemed Status (page 12)
  • Public Notice of AAAHC/Medicare Deemed Status Survey (page 15)
  • Understanding, Planning, and Preparing for an AAAHC/Medicare Deemed Status (MDS) Survey (page 196)

Use the link below to review the revised language.

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