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AAAHC Governance Unit Application Process

Get Engaged in the AAAHC

Participation on an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) Governance Unit (i.e., GU; committee) is a great way to get engaged, network with quality like-minded peers, stay up-to-date on quality practices that work for you, your organization, and your patients, and contribute to the design and delivery of accreditation/certification programs, related education and tools that improve the quality of care provided across the ambulatory health care field. If you are unable to meet the volunteer obligations as outlined in the Governance Unit charge, please refrain from applying until your professional and personal schedules will allow you to fully participate. Refer to the specific Governance Unit charges for details on participation expectations.


  1. GU members are selected with consideration for appropriate areas of expertise, health care experience and a balance of perspectives to support the charge of the GU and the AAAHC.
  2. Additional Eligibility Criteria for Accreditation Committee and Accreditation Work Group appointments:
    • Must serve as an AAAHC Surveyor in good standing
    • Must have completed at least 10 surveys within 5 years, at least 3 as a chairperson, and have successfully completed 1 re-training Program

To Apply

  1. Complete the AAAHC Engagement Application.
  2. Upload your current curriculum vitae.
  3. Upload 2 reference letters

NOTE: For ease of uploading required documents, please use a desktop computer when completing the application.

Please email questions to Jackie Brunn at

AAAHC Engagement Application FAQs

What is the Engaged Constituency?

The Engaged Constituency represents the AAAHC volunteer governing body and is composed of any individual participating on its Board or non-Board Governance Units. Governing groups are called Governance Units (GU) or Committees.

Does everyone who applies get appointed to a AAAHC Governance Unit?

Not necessarily. The number of open positions and candidate selection criteria for each Governance Unit may vary by year.

How long are AAAHC Governance Unit (GU) appointments?

All GU appointments are for one year and a GU member may serve up to eight (8) years on any given GU (not necessarily consecutive).

When would my AAAHC appointment begin?

Governance Unit appointment terms are on a calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31.

When/how will I know if I’ve been appointed to a AAAHC Governance Unit?

The Board of Directors finalizes the annual Governance Unit appointments no later than November in the year prior to term initiation. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment following Board approval. Note that appointments are contingent on completion of a Conflict of Interest form, and AAAHC determination that any stated conflicts would not interfere with the organization’s mission, vision and strategy achievement.

Will I be notified if I have not been appointed to an AAAHC Governance Unit?

Yes. All applicants not appointed to a Governance Unit for the subsequent year will be notified no later than November.