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Executive Office

Stephen A. Martin, Jr., PhD, MPH President & CEO

Breian Meakens, MPA, MBA

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Janniere, JD Senior VP/Chief People Officer 
Carolyn Kurtz, JD VP/General Counsel, 
Government/Public Affairs
Raymond Grundman, MSN, MPA,        FNP-BC, CASC Chief Business Development Officer
Jackie Brunn                                Senior Executive Assistant/Governance
Nikki Wszolek Senior Administrative Assistant

Legal & Human Resources

Ann Carrera, JD Attorney, Legislative Affairs & Contract Management

Finance & Administration

Sergio Tumang VP/Chief Financial Officer 
Merrissa Yeung Manager, Accounting and Office Services
Izabella Drubinskaya Accounting Clerk
Lilya Kim Accounting Clerk
Vinay Shah Accountant/Payroll Specialist
Wanda Walters Office Services Administrator
Vianey Gil Customer Service Representative

Information Technology

Norma Castrejon Assistant Director
Glenn Liss Computer Support Professional
Frances Springs Computer Support Professional

Marketing & Communications

Geoffrey Charlton-Perrin Director
Angela FitzSimmons Assistant Director
Holly Kim Manager

Accreditation Programs

Michon Mayfield, MHA Director, Accreditation Services
Tom Tassone, MSW  Director, Health Plans
Mona Sweeney, RN, BSN Assistant Director,
Primary Care
Mary Wei Assistant Director,
Surgical Care, Acreditas Global
Paula Espindola Assistant Director,
Accreditation Operations
Dorota Rakowiecki Assistant Director,
Program Management
Tarin English Manager, Report Coordinators
Rommie Johnson, MPH  Accreditation Specialist,
Network Accreditation 
Jordan Rutledge, MPH  Accreditation Specialist,
Health Plans
Accreditation Services is divided into teams that serve specific types of organizations and/or regions. Use the link in the right hand column to find the individuals that serve your organization.

Surveyor Services & Education

Meg Kerr, MPA Senior Director
Laurie Diehs, RN, MPH, MS Assistant Director, Education
Julie Haugh Assistant Director, Surveyor Services
Pat Mead Meeting Planner  

AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement

Naomi Kuznets, PhD Vice President & Senior Director
Belle Lerner, MA Assistant Director 
Michelle Chappell Administrative Assistant

Accreditation Services works by team and function to serve specific regions, types of organizations and AAAHC programs. Click here to find the team members who support your organization.


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