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Following receipt of a completed application from an organization, AAAHC begins the scheduling process.

  • The size and range of services being offered by the organization seeking accreditation is what determines the length of the on-site visit, the number of surveyors needed, and the survey fee.
  • Non Medicare survey dates are determined by the AAAHC scheduling office, in cooperation with the organization being surveyed.
  • The expertise of the survey team members is matched as closely as possible to the practice specialty of the organization being surveyed.
  • The on-site survey includes a comprehensive assessment of compliance of the entire organization with AAAHC Standards, including any separate entities that have a close interrelationship with the organization seeking accreditation.
  • At the conclusion of the on-site survey, surveyors hold a summation conference at which they present their findings to the organizations’ representatives.
  • Within one week after the survey, the organization will be contacted by WS Live, a third party call center. The organization will be asked to discuss the recent survey experience and provide feedback about various components of the survey process.