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Public Notice of Survey

For all survey types (except random and discretionary), AAAHC policy requires that a Notice of Accreditation Survey be prominently posted throughout the organization for thirty (30) calendar days prior to the scheduled survey date(s). In the event that the organization’s confirmation of the scheduled survey is fewer than 30 calendar days before the survey, the Notice must be posted for the duration of 30 calendar days, even if that period extends beyond the end of the survey.

For AAAHC/Medicare deemed status surveys, the Notice must be posted immediately after the invoice packet containing a copy of the notice is received by the organization. The Notice must be posted at least until the end of the survey or for a minimum of 30 calendar days, even if that period extends beyond the end of the survey.

To assist organizations and to ensure consistency in posting public notice, the AAAHC sends copies of the Notice of Accreditation Survey form to each organization for posting. The Notice is also available by clicking here Notice of Accreditation Survey. The organization may download and print multiple copies of the Notice in order to achieve wide distribution.

If the organization fails to post the Notice, the survey will be conducted, but no accreditation decision will be made until the Notice has been posted for the requisite 30 calendar days. This allows interested individuals time to request an opportunity to present information relevant to the survey. If such a request is received, a surveyor may be sent, at the surveyed organization’s expense, to receive the information.

As stated in the Notice, AAAHC provides an opportunity during the on-site survey for members of the general public as well as patients and staff of the organization to present pertinent and valid information about the surveyed organization’s provision of health care or its compliance with AAAHC Standards. Alternatively, individuals may present such information in writing to AAAHC headquarters. All information received from individuals will be considered in the accreditation process.

AAAHC must receive a request to present information during the on-site survey at least two weeks before the survey date(s) to allow time to schedule the session. Any such requests received by the organization to be surveyed should be forwarded to AAAHC. We will acknowledge each request and send a copy of the acknowledgement to the applicant organization. The organization to be surveyed is responsible for notifying the requesting individual of the date, time, and place for his/her presentation of information to the surveyor.