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Survey Eligibility Criteria

Organizations are considered for survey by the AAAHC on an individual basis. An organization is eligible for an accreditation survey by the AAAHC if the organization meets all of the following criteria.  The organization:

  1. Has been providing health care services for at least six months before the on-site survey, excluding organizations seeking accreditation through an AAAHC Early Option Survey (EOS). For more information about EOS, please click here.
  2. Is either a formally organized and legally constituted entity that primarily provides health care services, or a sub-unit that primarily provides such services within a formally organized and legally constituted entity that may be, but need not be, health related.
  3. Is in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, or for organizations operating outside of the United States, all applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Is licensed by the state in which it is located, if the state requires licensure for that organization, unless the organization is applying for a survey that will be used to obtain licensure in a state that recognizes AAAHC accreditation for this purpose.
  5. Provides health care services under the direction of one of the following health care professionals (these individuals or groups of professionals must accept responsibility for the health care provided by the organization and be licensed in accordance with applicable state laws):
    • doctor of medicine or osteopathy (MD/DO).
    • doctor of dental surgery or dental medicine (DDS/DMD).
    • doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM).
    • doctor of optometry (OD).
    • doctor of chiropractic (DC).
    • advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), practicing in compliance with state law and regulation.
    • licensed clinical behavioral health professional in a behavioral health setting.
  6. Shares the facilities, equipment, business management, and records involved in patient care among the members of the organization.
  7. Operates in compliance with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws.
  8. Submits the completed, signed Application for Survey, all supporting documents, and application fee in advance of the survey.
  9. Pays the appropriate fees in accordance with AAAHC policies; see Survey Fees.
  10. Acts in good faith in providing complete and accurate information during the accreditation process and during a term of accreditation.

AAAHC reserves the right to reject any application. If the AAAHC determines that the standards cannot be applied, a survey will not be conducted and the AAAHC will inform the organization of the reason for such a decision. If a survey is conducted and the AAAHC determines that the standards cannot be appropriately applied in order to reach an accreditation decision, the survey will be deemed to be a consultation and no accreditation decision will be made. Fees for such a consultation will not be refunded.