Current HRSA Resources

AAAHC Question and Answer brochure

AAAHC Peer Based Review

Seeking and Attaining Medical Home

Achieving Accreditation Conference

Pre-survey Assessment Tip Sheet

Core Chapters

Chapter 1: Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Chapter 2:I: General Requirements

Chapter 2:II: Credentialing and Privileging

  • Connection: Credentialing and Privileging
  • Connection: Standard 2.II.D

Chapter 2:III: Peer Review

Chapter 3: Administration

Chapter 4: Quality of Care Provided

Chapter 5:I: Quality Management and Improvement

Chapter 5.II: Risk Management

Chapter 6: Clinical Records and Health Information

Chapter 7:I: Infection Prevention and Control and Safety

Chapter 7.II: Safety

  • Falls Primary Toolkit

Chapter 8:  Facilities and Environment

  • Falls Toolkit

Adjunct Chapters

Chapter 9: Anesthesia Services

Chapter 10:I: Surgical and Related Services

  • Venous Thromoembolism (VTE)

Chapter 10.II Laser, Light Based Technologies, and Other Energy-Emitting Equipment

Chapter 10.III: Renal Lithotripsy Sevices

Chapter 11: Pharmaceutical Services

Chapter 12: Pathology and Medical Laboratory Services

Chapter 13: Diagnostic and Other Imaging Services

Chapter 14:I: Dental Services

Chapter 14: II: Dental Home

Chapter 15: Other Professional and Technical Services

Chapter 16: Health Education and Health Promotion

Chapter 17: Behavioral Health Services

Chapter 18: Teaching and Publication Activities

Chapter 19: Research Activities

Chapter 20: Overnight Care and Services

Chapter 21: Occupational Health Services

Chapter 22: Immediate/Urgent Care Services

Chapter 23: Emergency Services

Chapter 24: Radiation Oncology Treatment Services

Chapter 25: Medical Home

  • Primary Care Checklist
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Webinars are available to all FQHCs that are HRSA 330 Grantees.  Please contact Mona Sweeney to request a user name and password for access to our library of archived webinars.