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Accreditation for Government Agencies

AAAHC accreditation recognized by government health care providers

AAAHC understands the various government entity requirements for accreditation services and has been awarded  a number of contracts since 2008. AAAHC provides accreditation services to the health centers for the United States Coast Guard, Indian Health Service (IHS) and HRSA funded Look-Alike and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). Medical Home Accreditation is part of an all-inclusive survey for the USCG, IHS and the HRSA FQHCs.

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AAAHC is a deemed accrediting organization for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). AAAHC conducts deemed status surveys for ambulatory surgery centers.

AAAHC supports the various government entities’ commitment to meet the highest standards of health care quality by working in partnership with the health center organizations to undergo a rigorous and comprehensive survey processes through their accreditation journey. Additional technical assistance such as a mock survey is afforded under the HRSA Accreditation Initiative and the contracts for the IHS, which includes Urban Indian Health centers.

These government health care centers undergo a review of all primary care services provided such as preventive medicine, dentistry, gynecology, urgent care, telehealth and behavioral health. A Medical Home accreditation review is included for those government entities seeking Medical Home recognition for their health centers.

Federal government agencies recognize the value of accreditation and lead the charge by requiring the BOP and USCG health centers to seek AAAHC accreditation and supporting the IHS and HRSA organizations in their efforts to demonstrate quality improvement through accreditation.

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Recognizing accreditation provides the foundation for safe, high-quality, and patient-centered care, these accredited health centers continue to strive to achieve or exceed national benchmarks.

Accreditation for Government Agencies

Accreditation for Community Health Centers

Elevate the quality of care in your Community Health Center.

Accreditation for Government Agencies

Accreditation for Indian Health Service

Elevate the quality of care in your Indian Health Center.

Accreditation for Military Health Services

Military Health Services

Elevate the quality of care in your military health center.

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Achieving Accreditation

Strengthen your accreditation readiness

Achieving Accreditation is an interactive, immersive event designed to help you learn and prepare for your AAAHC survey while developing a deeper understanding of AAAHC Standards. We are facing the future together…1095 Strong!

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Kershner Quality Improvement Award

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Kershner QI Awards recognize excellence in quality improvement methodology and outcomes for AAAHC-accredited organizations in both the surgical/procedural and primary care space.

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