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Office-Based Surgery Centers

AAAHC understands and serves the unique needs of OBS

Office-based surgery (OBS) practices operate with the same high standard of care as ASCs. Keeping in mind OBS practices have special considerations ranging from size and staffing, areas of specialty, and state requirements, the approach from AAAHC reflects this reality.

As large multisite practices have much different needs from smaller-scale practices, our accreditation philosophy embraces flexibility in how OBS organizations achieve standards compliance. From providing relevant Standards for patient care and continuous improvement, to selecting a mutually agreed upon date and time for survey, AAAHC helps you stay 1095 Strong, quality every day with ongoing education and resources.

Most AAAHC Standards are written in general terms to allow an organization, which is defined as a health care entity, not a health care professional, to achieve compliance in a manner that is compatible with its unique situation and most conducive to high-quality patient care.

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