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How to submit change information


Click here to access the Change Notification Form, right click, rename it "Change Notification for [insert your organization ID]" and save it to your computer.


RE-OPEN the saved form and complete.

NOTE: If the organization is Medicare certified (has a CCN number), please submit evidence that CMS was notified of the change, the CMS approval letter, and the additional required documentation as listed on the form.


RESAVE the completed form.

NOTE: The Change Notification Form must be completed and submitted from an individual who is currently on AAAHC’s approved contact list. For additional questions, please contact AAAHC at 847-853-6060.  


Email the form as an attachment as follows:

Primary Care organizations (Student/Indian/Community Health centers, Military, Medical/Dental groups, Health Plan, Network)                                       Use:

Corporate Quality Alliance (CQA) organizations                                               Use:

Surgical organizations (office-based surgery centers, ambulatory surgery centers) EAST (of the Mississippi River) Use:

Surgical organizations (office-based surgery centers, ambulatory surgery centers) WEST (of the Mississippi River) Use:

Don't forget to attach all supporting documents!

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