Denial or Revocation of Accreditation

The AAAHC denies accreditation to an organization when it concludes that the organization is not in substantial compliance with the AAAHC standards and/or AAAHC policies or procedures. When the accreditation decision is based upon findings from an AAAHC survey, the decision is based on the organization’s compliance with the AAAHC standards in effect at the time of the survey.

Reasons for Denial or Revocation

The AAAHC reserves the right to revoke or deny the accreditation of any organization at any time without prior notice. Revocation or denial of accreditation may occur if it is determined that an organization:

  • No longer satisfies AAAHC Survey Eligibility Criteria
  • Is no longer in compliance with AAAHC policies, procedures or standards
  • Has significantly compromised or jeopardized patient care
  • Fails to act in good faith in providing data and other information to the AAAHC
  • Fails to notify the AAAHC within 15 calendar days of any significant change. For a list of what may constitute a significant change, see Continuation of Accreditation Following a Significant Change listed on pages 14–15 of the AAAHC Handbook
  • Fails to notify the AAAHC within 15 calendar days of an imposed sanction, changes in license or qualification status, governmental investigation, criminal indictment, guilty plea or verdict in a criminal proceeding (other than a traffic violation), or any violation of state or federal law with respect to the organization, its owners, or its health care professionals
  • Fails to allow a surveyor timely access to the organization to conduct a survey

In addition, the AAAHC may revoke or reduce the organization’s existing term of accreditation when it determines that there is a material change in the organizational structure, financial viability, operations, ownership or control of the organization or its ability to perform services, which requires a new survey by the AAAHC to determine the organization’s compliance with the AAAHC Survey Eligibility Criteria or the AAAHC standards. Revocation of accreditation may be retroactive to the date of the material change, the imposition of sanctions, or the violation of law.