CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Covers ASCs

- 1/9/2017

On September 8, 2016, the Federal Register posted the final rule Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers. The regulation is effective on November 16, 2016 and must be implemented by November 16, 2017. This final rule establishes a new Condition for Coverage (CfC) for Emergency Preparedness.

The new CfC establishes national emergency preparedness standards to ensure adequate planning for both natural and man-made disasters, and coordination with federal, state, tribal, regional and local emergency preparedness systems. Upon publication, a new CfC identifier will be added for ASCs at 416.54. Surveyors conducting surveys after November 16, 2016 will look to determine if the facility is taking necessary steps to assess and revise its emergency preparedness program so that it is on track to meet the regulations by November 16, 2017.

The new CfC covers five aspects of emergency preparedness including:
1.     Emergency plan
2.     Policies and procedures
3.     Communication plan (internal and external)
4.     Training and testing
5.     Integrated healthcare systems
Currently, AAAHC Standards require ASCs to have a written disaster preparedness plan that is coordinated with state and local authorities as appropriate. The new CfC offers greater detail regarding what is expected of ASCs relative to these five aspects of emergency preparedness. AAAHC is currently modifying the AAAHC Standards in Chapter 2.I, 7.II, and 8 to match the language of the CfC with anticipated CMS approval. 2017 Handbooks with the CMS approved modifications will be distributed to currently accredited ASCs participating in the AAAHC/Medicare Deemed Status program.

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