Indian Health Service Webinar Series

Registration for live Webinars will be posted on our website.

Archived Webinars

These previously delivered live webinars have been recorded and archived to our password protected  website page.

Each webinar focuses on one or more critical areas of activity or accreditationThe webinars are designed for board members, management team members, and health care professionals and led by AAAHC faculty and staff highly experienced in Indian health service accreditation.

Please contact Mona Sweeney for access to the password-protected site.

To request additional information about AAAHC or information about accreditation, please contact Mona Sweeney (847.324.7487).

Archived Webinars: Ordering and Accessing

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Please contact Mona Sweeney to request a user name and password for access to our library of archived webinars.