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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to change the way the health care industry addresses safety and infection control and prevention.

CMS COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking – Complimentary Self-paced Module

Stay 1095 Strong and register for the complimentary self-paced module, Immediate Implementation: CMS COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking. Know the implications of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revision of its infection control requirements. AAAHC expert faculty will discuss the new CMS QSO-22-07 requirements impacting your organization. These requirements provide guidance on COVID-19 vaccination tracking.

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Updated 04.21.22

Handbook Policy Revisions/Updates

  1. AAAHC onsite process: Organizations are required to provide appropriate personal protective equipment (“PPE”) to each AAAHC survey team member.
  1. Organization surveyor requirements/denial of entry: If an organization maintains or establishes any mitigation requirements or policies applicable to AAAHC Surveyors, including, but not limited to, COVID-19 vaccination or testing prior to the survey, the organization must notify AAAHC. Where an organization fails to notify AAAHC of surveyor requirements or policies prior to a survey, and the organization denies entry to any AAAHC surveyor, the survey will be postponed. When a survey must be postponed because an organization failed to notify AAAHC of organization surveyor requirements, the organization is subject to the Survey postponement policies described in the applicable AAAHC Accreditation Handbook.

Updated 10.19.21

For all programs, depending on the survey type, survey activities will include the addition of a readiness checklist that addresses disaster preparedness and infection control and prevention. Click below to download AAAHC Readiness Checklists.

Additional Guidance and Resources 

  • Download the COVID-19 whitepaper here
  • Visit 1095 Learn to access additional COVID-19 self-paced modules. Click here

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Updated 04.04.22