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Volume 3 | Issue 6 | June 2024

1095 Engage Help Curtain offers valuable resources

With the launch of 1095 Engage, AAAHC’s accreditation management system, organizations have 24/7 access to tools and resources that assist with survey readiness and ongoing compliance. AAAHC-Accredited organizations may download updated handbooks, survey preparation guidance, self-assessment tools, worksheets, and other resources in the 1095 Engage Help Curtain.

Easily navigate the Help Curtain through convenient groups of materials

  • Program Resources
  • Survey Preparation
  • Marketing Kit Resources

Program Resources

  • Policies & Procedures

With the launch of v43 Standards, AAAHC updated terminology and payment policies and introduced a few new policies and procedures addressing new practices that drive organization compliance and are enabled through the accreditation
management system.

  • Current Handbooks

Find complete digital copies to facilitate the accreditation/certification journey. Ambulatory care organizations seeking AAAHC Accreditation are encouraged to review and prepare for a AAAHC Survey using this valuable resource.

  • Effective Version Compare

Access an easy reference guide to new and significantly revised Standards changes that are in effect as compared with the prior version.

  • State-specific Policies and Procedures for California, Florida, and New York
  • The Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment tool offers a resource to help organizations assess their compliance with AAAHC Standards and prepare for Survey. While the tool is not considered by AAAHC to determine compliance with applicable standards, it is one way to assess an organization’s readiness for an upcoming accreditation/certification survey.

Survey Preparation

This tab includes a list of specific documents and other information that organizations will need to make available to Surveyors during the onsite survey. Having these sources available ahead of the onsite survey allows Surveyors to gather and review information with minimal disruption to the daily activities of an organization.

  • AAAHC General and Interim Survey Agendas

The agendas provide an outline of typical activities that will occur during a general or interim survey. The amount of time allotted to each activity may vary depending on the program, organization size and complexity, and onsite discoveries.

  • Notice of Accreditation/Certification

Printable PDF of the Notice for AAAHC Accreditation/Certification (in English or Spanish) that an organization must post prominently for at least 30 calendar days or through
the end of the survey, whichever is later.

  • Survey Postponement and Cancellation Policies

A document outlining AAAHC’s policies for survey cancelation or postponement that highlights important billing information and payment requirements to ensure timely payment and release of the accreditation/ certification decision.

Marketing Kit Resources

This resource provides access to information and documents to help organizations market their accreditation/certification. Included are downloadable digital logos, templates for press releases and announcements and information and links for ordering additional certificates and publications in the AAAHC Store.

To access the 1095 Engage Help Curtain, organizations must login and complete their Profile.

AAAHC outlines user delegation for 1095 Engage

As outlined in our v43 Handbook, AAAHC Policies and Procedures and structured in 1095 Engage, both the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and AAAHC Accreditation/Certification Primary Contact are assigned specific user responsibilities in the accreditation journey. In 1095 Engage, the CMO and Primary Contact system user roles have both overlapping and distinct responsibilities as illustrated in the table below.

CMO responsibilities vary by organization but often the primary role is to ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care and compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards related to medical services. AAAHC recognizes the critical importance of the CMO in ensuring compliance throughout the accreditation process. In many organizations, the CMO shares accreditation oversight for administrative responsibilities. Under the direction of the Governing Body, these individuals are essential to shepherding an organization through accreditation and ensuring ongoing compliance.

As specified in AAAHC v43 Standard GOV.230, the Governing Body defines the “authority, responsibility and functions of officers and administrators elected, appointed, or employed to carry out governing body directives.” Furthermore, as specified in AAAHC v43 Standard GOV.220, ultimately, “the Governing Body is responsible for at least annual review of AAAHC Accreditation requirements,” including ensuring responsible parties are fulfilling their obligations and ensuring compliance with related regulations and accreditation requirements.

Recognizing that the responsibility for accreditation administrative responsibilities differs by organization, the Governing Body can designate the Primary Contact responsibility to fulfill CMO 1095 Engage User responsibilities. In this scenario, in 1095 Engage, the Primary Contact can also be designated as the CMO. Through the Annual Attestation on behalf of the organization, AAAHC is assuming the organization is operating in good faith in ensuring accreditation oversight is a shared responsibility, both reportable to and under the direction of the Governing Body.

Training through 1095 Learn is available to support our clients as they navigate the delegation process.

1095 Engage Training

To learn how to implement user delegation in 1095 Engage, please visit the AAAHC 1095 Learn platform for an e-learning module titled, 1095 Engage Accreditation Management System Client Curriculum. Brand new users will benefit from first taking the course titled, “Accessing the 1095 Engage Accreditation Management System — Chapter 2 User Access” then proceed to the course titled, “Application Process in the 1095 Engage Accreditation Management System — Chapter 4 Contacts.” 1095 Engage users who have created an account in either 1095 Engage or the legacy application system, the following course will guide you in delegation responsibilities, “Application Process in the 1095 Engage Accreditation Management System — Chapter 4 Contacts.”

Conferences & Exhibits

  • Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (FSASC)
    July 17–19, Orlando, FL, Booth 500
  • Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS)
    July 24–26, Galveston, TX
  • National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC )
    August 24–26, Atlanta, GA, Booth 510
  • California Ambulatory Surgery Association (CASA)
    September 4–6, Anaheim, CA, Booth 37
  • Becker’s Healthcare
    October 30–November 2, Chicago, IL

1095 Learn

2024 Achieving Accreditation

  • September 16–18 | Virtual
  • December 12–13 | Onsite
    Las Vegas, NV
    To learn more, visit /AAnews

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