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Volume 1 | Issue 6 | October 2022

Achieving Accreditation onsite returns

Elevate your quality journey at the live December Achieving Accreditation Conference in Las Vegas. Join AAAHC and your colleagues as we celebrate a return to the onsite program.

Achieving Accreditation provides an opportunity to build relationships, learn and interact with peers and subject matter experts one-on-one during the two-day conference. Conference attendees will experience a sense of community with their peers seeking accreditation.

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New hires enhance AAAHC survey expertise and diversity

Recently, AAAHC expanded its cadre of primary care and surgical setting Health Surveyors. The new AAAHC Surveyors are passionate about learning, experienced in accreditation processes, and interested in sharing their knowledge and constructive evaluation skills. Additionally, we also expanded our Life Safety Code Surveyor team which requires health facility experience and knowledge of the NFPA compliance codes. Following a highly selective and structured process, as well as in-depth education on AAAHC Standards and Policies and Procedures, the newly expanded team represents a diverse array of ambulatory expertise.

When selecting candidates, AAAHC focused on a strategic surveyor network which includes orthopaedics, nurse management, dental professionals, eye care professionals, Patient-Centered Medical Home, Health and Life Safety Code, and Health Plan experts to build upon the AAAHC team of peer-based surveyors.

The process also included immersive education and training sessions for its new cadre of surveyors, emphasizing both knowledge/skill growth and team building. The online and live education will bolster surveyor expertise during onsite surveys and help ensure consistency in AAAHC Standards interpretation.

AAAHC Surveyors have direct experience in ambulatory care settings, embody a commitment to providing high quality health care, and adhere to the 1095 Strong, quality every day philosophy. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and constructive evaluation skills to ambulatory care organizations, ensuring a peer-to- peer accreditation survey experience. AAAHC Surveyors foster a supportive and educational survey experience, distinguishing them from others in the industry.

The addition of nearly 70 surveyors with expertise spanning across more than ten specialties increases the knowledge base of the AAAHC Surveyor cadre and strengthens the collaborative nature of the survey experience. Their specialty specific skills in areas such as anesthesiology, cardiology, cosmetic, dentistry, dermatology, family practice, gastroenterology, urology, and vascular surgery, provide familiarity and understanding of the organization being surveyed and is complementary to AAAHC Standards interpretation. Additionally, the new Surveyors contribute recent AAAHC Survey experience in their own organizations, which further enhances the spirit of a supportive and educational experience.

Conferences & Exhibits

• Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS)
Mar 7–8
• American Medical Group Association (AMGA)
Mar 28–31

1095 Learn

Achieving Accreditation Onsite
Las Vegas, Dec 2–3

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Achieving Accreditation, please click here.

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