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Benchmarking Studies

Benchmarking studies impact quality improvement

The AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement offers benchmarking studies to help you conduct effective, data-driven improvement within your organization. Know where you stand relative to your peers. Identify performance goals and interventions for quality improvement by participating in benchmarking studies.

Benchmarking studies are open to any ambulatory health care center.

The annual subscription rate provides access to participation in a maximum of four benchmarking studies per year (two per calendar year cycle). The annual subscription model also allows subscribing organizations to access all study reports, regardless of participation, at the end of the study cycle.

Why choose our studies?

  • AAAHC Quality Institute studies enable you to compare your organization to similar organizations on key performance measures
  • AAAHC Quality Institute studies are designed specifically for the ambulatory care environment
  • AAAHC Quality Institute studies are NOT burdensome. Study tools are brief and simple to use
  • Secure data collection available for your staff members to enter all data
  • AAAHC Quality Institute reports are easy to read and include an Executive Summary and graphic displays that allow you to understand results at-a-glance
  • AAAHC Quality Institute studies enable you to trend performance over time through repeat participation on the same study topic over multiple study time periods

Access benchmarking insights

The AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement offers a whitepaper that explores how to address and improve quality. Please complete the form below for immediate access to your complimentary copy. Click here to view other AAAHC whitepapers

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2022 Benchmarking Studies


  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Allergy Documentation
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Safe Injection Practices
  • Colonoscopy


  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Allergy Documentation
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Safe Injection Practices
  • Cataract with Lens Insertion

Note: The January-June 2022 study registration closes March 31, 2022. The July-December 2022 study registration closes October 28, 2022.

Download the benchmarking flyer

To be included in benchmark analyses:

  1. For specific procedure or injection-related studies (e.g., Cataract Extraction with Lens Insertion or Safe Injection Practices), organizations must provide complete, unique (not duplicate), routine, uncomplicated information for 15 or more cases/injections during the study period.
  2. For the studies which include chart review (i.e., Medication Reconciliation and Allergy Documentation), organizations must submit surveys on 15 or more unique charts, each with at least one current or new medication or at least one allergy, during the study period.

Study participants may access final benchmarking reports in 1095 Learn under the “Resources” tab, within two to three months after each study period.

Have questions or concerns about the study process? Contact AAAHC Quality Institute staff members for answers.

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For AAAHC-accredited organizations the annual subscription rate is $525.

For non-AAAHC accredited organizations, the annual subscription price is $600.

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