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Kershner QI Award

Bernard A. Kershner champions QI innovation

AAAHC recognizes exemplary QI studies in both the surgical/procedural and primary care settings through an award program, established in 2004 by the AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement. The award was originally called the Innovations in Quality Improvement Award. A few years later, the AAAHC Quality Institute changed the name of the award to the Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award to honor Bernie Kershner, the first Chairman of the AAAHC Institute Board of Trustees.

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Bernie founded one of the first non-physician-owned multispecialty surgery centers, and he was the first non-physician President of FASA, now known as the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. Bernie Kershner had a real drive for excellence and quality. He was quoted as saying that he established procedures for his surgery centers that were “far above what could possibly be required of a health facility to raise the bar for professional competency at every single level of the organization.” We hope to communicate his passion for quality through this award program that we affectionately refer to as “The Bernies.”

Review 2021-22 Kershner QI Award finalists

The 2021-22 finalists were selected by our Expert Panel for their exemplary QI studies. Using the “10 Elements” format outlined in our Standards Handbook, each finalist created a poster.


  • “Prevention of Endophthalmitis” submitted by The Knoxville Ophthalmology ASC, LLC Review poster here
  • “Quality Improvement Study: Clinical Record Compliance Utilizing Preoperative-OR Handoff” submitted by New York Center for Ambulatory Surgery Review poster here
  • “Reducing N95 Mask Reprocessing Discard Rate” submitted by Humble Kingwood Endoscopy Center Review poster here

Primary Care

  • “Towards a Culture of Best Practice Antibiotic Stewardship: Treatment of Acute Bronchitis” submitted by University Health Services, University of Oregon Review poster here
  • “Telehealth Documentation of Patient Location” submitted by Boynton Health Review poster here
  • “Improving Quality Care Gap Closure Rates in the Primary Care Setting” submitted by Springfield Clinic Review poster here

Learn about 2020-21 Kershner QI Award

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Below are the winners and finalists for the 2020-21 program.

Surgical/Procedural Winner

  • “Email Capture of Patient Population” submitted by Medical City Surgery Center | Las Colinas. Download study here.

Surgical/Procedural Finalist

  • “Medication Diversion Quality Improvement Study” submitted by Outpatient Surgical Services Download study here.

Primary Care Winner

  • “Immunization Error Quality Improvement Study” submitted by Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH). Download study here.

Primary Care Finalists

  • “Improving Training Standards for Medical Assistants in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting” submitted by Children’s Health Alliance, LLC. Download study here.
  • “Meeting the Goals of Title IX Federal Mandates for Survivors of Abuse” submitted by Health Services Portland State University. Download study here.

Special Recognition 

In addition, because the pandemic had a significant impact on our clients and the patients they serve, AAAHC bestowed a special recognition award to the Winslow Indian Health Care Center for its exemplary QI study on “Prevention of Crowding During COVID-19 Pandemic.” This QI study highlights how an organization can pivot quickly, implement innovative solutions, and continue to maintain high quality care under challenging circumstances. So, although not part of our “Bernie” and “People’s Choice” categories, we bestowed this special recognition award to Winslow Indian Health Center. Congratulations!  Download study here.

Kershner QI Award Winners

AAAHC recognizes exemplary QI studies in both the surgical/procedural and primary care settings through an award program, established in 2004 by the AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement.