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Kershner QI Award Winners

Excellence through the years

Since 2004, AAAHC has celebrated the achievement of ambulatory health care organizations who have reached an exemplary level of achievement in their quality improvement (QI) efforts. Our Kershner QI Award winners serve as a model of excellence. The benefit goes beyond winners’ organizations, patients, and staff, but also inspires other organizations to improve their efforts. Enjoy this recognition for our esteemed Kershner QI Award winners across surgical/procedural and primary care patient care settings.

Award Winners


Texas Health Surgery Center Arlington

Teammate Satisfaction

Overall Employee Experience Index (EXI) as related to patient safety went from 73.3% to 97.1%


The Knoxville Ophthalmology ASC, LLC

Prevention of Endophthalmitis

Consistent and sustained reduction in surgical site infections from 1.684% to zero


Medical City Surgery Center | Las Colinas

Email Capture of Patient Population

Patient email capture rate increased from 41.01% to 75% to support stronger data integrity of data obtained from surveys


Surgery Center of Fairfield County

Sharps and Bio-Medical Waste Disposal at Surgery Center of Fairfield County: Improving Environmental Impact and Cost

43% reduction in sharps and biomedical waste generated from the facility, exceeding the goal of a 25% reduction


CSA Surgical Center

Postoperative Pain Reduction

Resulted in <1% of patients requiring an extended length of stay due to pain, 26% improvement over baseline


Danbury Surgical Center

Cutting the Cost on Michol

Saved $70 per unit by switching from Miochol to Miostat for $27K annual savings 


Sutter Health Palo Alto Medical Foundation

The OR Pit Crew: A NASCAR Template for OR Efficiency

Decreased OR turnover time  from 22.5 minutes to 17.6 minutes with a goal of 22% reduction in OR turnover time


Turk’s Head Surgery Center

Scopolamine Patch Documentation and Discharge Instructions

Resulted in 20% improvement in written orders for a scopolamine patch to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting


St. Lucie Surgery Center

Reducing ER Visits for Postoperative Urinary Retention (POUR)

Generated 86% reduction in ER visits for POUR


North Surgery Center and Methodist Germantown Surgery Center

Safely Implanting Vendor-Owned Surgical Implants

Obtained 100% compliance with national guidelines on terminally sterilizing all surgical implants


Siouxland Surgery Center

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Reduction Project

With goal of 50% reduction of SSI incidents, reduced SSI by100%



Elgin Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center (EGEC)

Blood Sugar Study

Reduced the fluctuations in blood sugar among diabetic patients by 63%


New Jersey Surgery Center

Anti-Hypertensive Pre-Op Compliance for Surgical Patients

Resulted in 70% improvement; achieving 90% of pre-op antihypertensive medications self-administered


Delaware Surgery Center, LLC

Cipro Reactions and Use of a Penicillin Algorithm

Reduced the ciprofloxacin or cephalosporin-related reactions to zero; saving >$2K in reduced ciprofloxacin purchased


Endoscopy Center of Colorado Springs, LLC

Pathology Reporting

Resulted in 22% improvement, achieving 100% of patients receiving their pathology results


Eastland Surgicenter

Sharps Safety and Safety Scalpel Implementation

Number of sharps injuries decreased from 2-4 per year to zero


San Leandro Surgery Center

Fall Prevention

Decreased patient falls from an average of 1 per year to zero


Elmira ASC, LLC

Cataract Surgery Anesthesia—An Evidence-Based Approach

Increased patient safety by switching from IV sedation with opiates to oral sedation which lowers risk of patient complications


Green Spring Station Endoscopy, LLC

Endoscope Care/Handling and Repair Costs

Scope repair cost decreased by 17% resulting in >$12K annualsavings


University Health Services Princeton University

Increasing Effective Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening and Testing for Patients at a University Health Center

Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing increased from 44% to 76%, exceeding the goal of 60%


University Health Services, University of Oregon

Towards a Culture of Best Practice Antibiotic Stewardship: Treatment of Acute Bronchitis

Treatment rate of students for uncomplicated Acute Bronchitis without
the use of antibiotics, increased from 37% to 89%


Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH)

Immunization Error Quality Improvement Study

Allergy and Immunization Department reduced patient immunization documentation error rate from 0.66% to an average 0.06% per month 91% improvement


Nemours Children’s Primary Care

Increasing Measles Vaccination Rates in At Risk Populations

7% increase in measles vaccination rates for children 3-18 years old


American Dental Partners/Forward Dental

Caries Risk Assessment

Increased Caries Risk Assessment from 19% to 83% with an initial target of 75% and an aspirational goal of 90%, reaching 98%


Winslow Indian Health Center

Transition of Care Service: Post Discharge Medication Reconciliation

Generated a 33% decrease in readmission rates due to the medication reconciliation and transition of care program


The University of Utah

Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates

Resulted in 20% increase in the number of males receiving an HPV vaccine during scheduled visit


Seton Hall University Health Services

Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions in a University Health Service

Resulted in 92%of students eligible for alcohol screening completing the AUDIT-C; offered 91% of students identified as binge drinkers a brief motivational intervention


North Carolina State University Charlotte Student Health Center

Improving HPV Counseling in College Age Males During Physicals

Resulted in 68% HPV vaccine recommendations during male physicals; more than a 6-fold increase from 9% prior to the intervention


University of North Carolina at Charlotte Student Health Center

Pap Test Guideline Adherence

Resulted in 98% of woman under 21 receiving a pap test; 21% improvement over the previous rate of 77%


Medical Group Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Performance of Screening Mammography and Patient Notification of Exam Results

Resulted in 98% receiving results in 5 days, 81% improvement over the previous rate of 17%


University Health Services, University of Michigan

STI Assessment

Achieved 13% increase in documentation of STI risk factors and discussion of HIV testing and prevention counseling (77% to 90%)


Springfield Clinic

Quality Initiatives for Improvement: Childhood and Adolescent Immunizations

Improved childhood immunizations from 69% to 91% and adolescent immunizations from 42% to 86%


New York University

National College Depression Partnership

More than 90% of identified patients were receiving treatment within 4 weeks and 50% of students demonstrated a functional recovery at 12 weeks


Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council

Teaching Urban Roads to Lifestyle and Exercise (TURTLE) Camp

Achieved 66%increase in knowledge and skills regarding preventing diabetes and improving other health behaviors


Southern Ute Health Center

Improving Continuity of Adverse Drug Effect (ADE) Documentation

Increase in documentation of ADEs from an average of 129 to 360 per year


Eastern Carolina University

Asthma Management

Resulted in 38% improvement in documenting asthma-specific diagnosis


Watkins Student Health Services, State University of New York at Potsdam

Hepatitis B Immunization—Bridging the Gap

The rate of HBV vaccination/vaccine counseling for the four criteria described increased from 69% to 94%


CarePlus Health Plans, Inc (Previously Physician Health Care Plans, Inc)

Breast Cancer Screening

Mammography rates rose 12%