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The Kershner – a QI Award

DATE: Fall 2020

TO: Quality Managers for AAAHC-Accredited Organizations

FROM: Belle Lerner, MA, Assistant Director, AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement

RE: AAAHC Institute 2020-2021 Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award Program

Has your organization conducted a QI study that you are proud of and has made a huge impact? If “yes,” we invite you to submit your QI study for consideration for the 17th Bernard A. Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award program. You’ve already done the work and submitted documentation of two studies with your Application for Survey. Now is the time to choose the best one and nominate it for a “Bernie.” We are looking to recognize excellent quality improvement studies and share them with others. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 12:00 pm (noon) Central Time.

The process for submission is relatively quick and easy.

  • To review the application questions, click here. NOTE: The paper copy is for your reference only. To enter, you must complete the online application at the link above.
  • To download the Award Program Conditions of Participation, click here.

The AAAHC Institute has appointed an Expert Panel to review all submissions. The panel will judge submissions for clarity and conciseness as well as these ten elements:

    1. The issue addressed
    2. The performance goal
    3. Data collected (performance measure[s])
    4. Data collection methodology
    5. Data analyses and conclusions
    6. Comparison of initial performance versus performance goal
    7. The development and implementation of corrective action and, if necessary, additional corrective action
    8. Re-measurement and, if necessary, additional re-measurement
    9. New current performance versus performance goal
    10. Methods of communication of the study findings throughout the organization

**In addition, the panel will review all submissions for evidence of innovative thinking, working as a team, and examples that can be used in other ambulatory health care settings/for other ambulatory health care issues. In compliance with HIPAA, no patient identifiers are allowed on the application.

Representatives of the 6 studies that most closely reflect the criteria used by the Expert Panel will receive:

  • Honoraria of $500 (limit 1 per organization, 6 in total) after making poster presentations (virtually or in person) at a 2021 Achieving Accreditation program
  • Complimentary registration (limit 1 per organization, 6 in total) for a 2021 Achieving Accreditation program (virtually or in person)
  • An award from the AAAHC Institute on behalf of the organization after making a poster presentation (virtually or in person) about its activity at a 2021 Achieving Accreditation program

Please consider entering your exemplary QI study today! Contact the AAAHC Institute at with any questions.

Program void where prohibited.