Public Comment is now open! – 9/9/2013

AAAHC is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to its accreditation Standards for 2014. The revisions are for Standards that appear in the following publications:

  • Accreditation Handbook for Ambulatory Health Care

  • Accreditation Handbook for Amubulatory Health Care including Medicare Requirements for ASCs

  • Accreditation Handbook for Office-Based Surgery including Review Guidelines

All interested parties, including AAAHC-accredited organizations, surveyors, representatives of member organizations, medical specialty groups, regulatory agencies, and the public at large are encouraged to review and provide comments on the existing Standards and proposed revisions.

From September 9 through the close of business (5:00pm CT) on October 8, you may view and comment electronically on the Standards. We welcome comments including suggested text changes and request that you include the rationale behind any suggested changes. Please click here to access the document. You are not required to comment on every Standard or to complete the document in a single session.

Media Contact

For additional questions related to the proposed 2014 Standards, please e-mail