Steps to Accreditation

  1. Obtain a current copy of the appropriate AAAHC Handbook to review the current Standards.

  2. Conduct a self-assessment. Decide what needs to be put in place to meet the Standards.

  3. Submit an Application for Survey.

  4. AAAHC determines the lengths of the on-site visit, the number of surveyors needed, the survey date and fee.

  5. Prepare your organization for the survey.

  6. AAAHC surveyor(s) conduct the survey.

  7. AAAHC informs you of the accreditation decision.

Although the accreditation survey is evaluative, AAAHC emphasizes the educational and consultative benefits of accreditation. AAAHC uses health care professionals and administrators who are actively involved in ambulatory health care settings to conduct accreditation surveys. Specific survey team members are selected, to the extent possible, on the basis of their knowledge of and experience with the range of services provided by the organization seeking an accreditation survey.

Accreditation is awarded to organizations that demonstrate substantial compliance with the Standards and adhere to the AAAHC accreditation policies. Compliance is assessed through at least one of the following means:

  • Documented evidence
  • Answers to detailed questions concerning implementation
  • On-site observations and interviews by surveyors