How to Prepare a News Release

The following guidelines will help you to prepare a news release to send out to local newspapers, professional publications and newsletters, or radio and television stations, helping you promote your practice and accreditation.

  1. Copy the sample release to your own letterhead making sure to insert the proper information in the spaces provided. You may also download an electronic version of the release form.
  2. Identify a contact for your organization to receive calls from media in case a recipient of the release wants more information. Put the name and telephone number of this contact in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of the release. This person should also serve as the spokesperson for your organization when handling media requests.
  3. Date the release and include the words “For Immediate Release.”
  4. If your release is longer than one page put the word “more” at the bottom of the first page and repeat the first few words of the headline at the top of the second page. At the end of the release, place three pound signs (i.e. ###). Use two sheets of paper; do not type on the backside of a sheet of paper.
  5. Send the release directly to the editor/producer in charge of health care news. Some people have found that hand delivering a release gets good results.
  6. If you have a photo of your facility, staff or the “installation” of your accreditation certificate, be sure to enclose it or to note that a photo is available upon request. Use black and white photos only.