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1095 Engage: Efficient, Transparent, Engaging

For AAAHC clients, Surveyors, and staff, 1095 Engage represents the uniquely designed accreditation management system, which empowers health care organizations to pursue excellence by providing single-source operations solutions. The system offers a full suite of automated guidance and resources to organize and update required application/profile documentation and keep your organization 1095 Strong. Ultimately, 1095 Engage delivers an efficient, transparent, and engaging experience throughout the organization.

Features and Benefits

Self-service capabilities allow for 1095 Strong accountability

  • Complete and submit Change Notifications electronically
  • Access survey scheduling, results, Plan of Corrections (PoC), and history on demand
  • Receive notices of Annual Attestation and renewal
  • Convenient triennial flat fee pricing

Customized inputs for your organization

  • Creates the path to accountability with management and deficiency reporting
  • Creates accelerated readiness
  • Offers worksheets created to conduct readiness assessment
  • Generates site-specific and relevant Standards

Timely Summation Conference with preliminary report

  • Allows clients and Surveyors to review and discuss findings at a high level prior to Surveyors departing the facility for more consultative education
  • Access to online Summation Conference Tool within 48 hours

Technology that drives efficiencies

  • Provides fully contained processes; application review, survey scheduling, survey report creation, PoC reviews and decision processing, eliminating file management in disparate systems and email
  • Automates survey scheduling that marries client needs and surveyor qualifications while minimizing travel
  • Easy access to information that better leverages AAAHC’s most valuable assets—time and expertise
  • Tracking to monitor progress and highlights accomplishments
  • Maximizes and grows staff talent
  • Convenient, balanced scheduling

Onsite survey mobile app

  • Makes survey administration easier and more consistent
  • Worksheets with scoring built into the app for consistent decision making

1095 Engage Accreditation Management System Curriculum

To enhance your efficient and effective use of 1095 Engage, AAAHC has developed an eLearning curriculum. This comprehensive curriculum, accessible through the 1095 Learn Learning Management System (LMS), offers valuable resources and on-demand modules. It’s a step-by-step journey from application completion to Plan of Correction and the Annual Attestation. By reviewing these modules, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the new terminology, workflows, requirements, system functionality, and available resources, thereby maximizing the benefits of 1095 Engage.

Access the training here

For first-time AAAHC LMS users, this link allows you to sign up for a 1095 Learn account. For existing 1095 Learn users, select the blue “Login” button in the upper right corner. Please note that this login differs from your login for the AAAHC legacy application/POC system or 1095 Engage. If you are unsure about your account status for 1095 Learn, don’t hesitate to contact for assistance.

Start your accreditation journey 1095 Strong

AAAHC inspires organizational quality readiness
  • Leader in ambulatory health care accreditation
  • Nationally recognized quality improvement standards developed by ambulatory experts
  • Survey experience founded on a peer-based, educational approach to onsite review
  • 1095 Strong, quality every day philosophy emphasizes the importance of quality practices throughout all 1,095 days of the accreditation cycle
  • Ongoing engagement with tools, resources, and relevant education that bring value to your organization

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AAAHC implemented the transformational 1095 Strong, quality every day philosophy, a call-to-action that equips ambulatory organizations with the best of what you need to operationalize quality practices. The 1095 Strong initiative centers on providing accreditation tools, resources, and relevant education to bring meaningful value to organizations and promote compliance with the Standards, all 1,095 days of the accreditation cycle.

From the time your organization submits the application to the time of the survey and beyond, AAAHC provides high-quality health care through accreditation with its 1095 Strong drivers.

  • Ongoing Engagement
  • Excellence & Relevance
  • Accelerated Readiness
  • Accountability
  • Surveyor Expertise

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Between Surveys

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Achieving Accreditation

Strengthen your accreditation readiness

Achieving Accreditation is an interactive, immersive event designed to help you learn and prepare for your AAAHC survey while developing a deeper understanding of AAAHC Standards. We are facing the future together…1095 Strong!

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Kershner Quality Improvement Award

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Kershner QI Awards recognize excellence in quality improvement methodology and outcomes for AAAHC-accredited organizations in both the surgical/procedural and primary care space.

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