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Signal Your High Quality of Care

Take pride in your achievement

Ambulatory health care organizations awarded accreditation or certification by AAAHC take pride in their achievement. Communicating the meaning and significance of accreditation or certification to your most valuable contacts demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality health care.

AAAHC provides the following recommendations.

  1. Prepare a professional news release on your organization’s letterhead to announce your accreditation to local newspapers, radio, and television stations. Use the guidelines on preparing a professional news release, and announce that your organization achieved AAAHC accreditation. Consider adding personalized quotes from your medical and administrative staff and include information about your organization’s history within the community.
  2. Display your accreditation certificate. Hold an official ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of your framed accreditation certificate. Invite patients, community and business leaders, and colleagues to attend. Take time to share the meaning of the certificate with attendees through presentations by key staff and medical providers. Combine the event with other programs such as a tour of your facility, health related workshops, screenings, or other awareness programs.
  3. Use the AAAHC logo. As an accredited organization, you are entitled to use the AAAHC logo on your marketing materials. The logo is available in an electronic format and it is included via the link to the marketing kit that you receive with your survey report.
  4. Notify your colleagues. Accreditation is a process that is important to your organization. By communicating your dedication to quality health care, you will serve as a leader to those around you who are just beginning to explore the benefits of accreditation through AAAHC. Share the news of your accomplishment with your friends and colleagues by writing a personalized letter.

A sample news release and sample announcement letter have been developed to serve as a template for your own personalized marketing campaign. These should be personalized and retyped on your own organization’s letterhead. The press release can be sent to your local media, while the announcement letter is suited to third-party payers, business and community leaders and contacts, local government agencies, local medical societies, professional organizations and patients.

These documents are intended to act as guidelines for organizations to use when customizing their approach. Tailoring marketing activities and materials to meet your organization’s specific needs will greatly enhance their effectiveness.

As health care costs rise and quality of care increasingly becomes a public and professional concern, it is important to provide information to patients that will be useful in their selection of appropriate and cost-effective health care services.