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Accreditation for International HCPs

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As the leader in ambulatory health care, the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC) is pleased to provide services internationally. At AAAHC, we know that those who seek recognition through our programs understand that “best” is a destination while “better” is the route traveled. Our organization is committed to serving ambulatory health care centers and continues to build on our mission and vision to improve health care one facility at a time.

Acreditas Global elevates the patient experience

Choosing accreditation makes a positive impression throughout your organization and the community it serves. Acreditas Global is your path to continuous improvement and excellence in patient care and safety. Learn why AAAHC leads ambulatory health care accreditation in the U.S.


About Acreditas Global

Acreditas Global is proud to be the international arm of AAAHC. We leverage the tools and experience of AAAHC to help international health care organizations raise the bar for safety and quality care, with a focus on elevating the patient experience. As a partner for local health care organizations, Acreditas Global also works to understand unique cultural norms and values when supporting health care organizations during the accreditation process.

The Acreditas Global Board of Directors

  • Beth S. Derby, RN, MBA; Chair
  • Noreen DiPlacido, RN, LHRM; Secretary
  • Girish P. Joshi, MD; Treasurer
  • Arnaldo Valedon, MD
  • Joy Himmel, PsyD, LCPC, NCC, RN; AAAHC Board Chair Elect ex-officio
  • Jan Davidson, MSN, RN, CNOR; AAAHC Board Chair ex-officio
  • Noel Adachi, MBA; President & CEO

Acreditas Global welcomes inquiries from high-quality, reputable health care organizations around the world that would like to learn more about the AAAHC Accreditation process.

Accreditation reflects your dedication to high-quality patient health care. You become part of an elite force of organizations that prioritize quality for your patients and staff. Accreditation is a distinguishing accomplishment that you can promote within the community you serve.

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Acreditas Global has the tools, knowledge and experience of its parent organization, AAAHC, the authority in ambulatory care accreditation in the United States. Choosing Acreditas Global as your local accreditation partner is the same as choosing AAAHC.

With experience delivering education and solutions to thousands of healthcare organizations since 1979, AAAHC has been selected by the American government to accredit centers that provide Medicare and Medicaid services, as well as other government-delivered health care from community health centers to Indian Health Services (IHS) and military health services.


Acreditas Global is an organization focused 100% on your health care organization’s needs. We offer personal, attentive, and ongoing service and communication. We stand by you every step of the way, making sure that the process works for you. We don’t try to straitjacket our applicants into a rigid system.

We are guides, not inspectors. We answer questions, rather than demand answers. We strive to offer you solutions both during and after the accreditation process, that deliver tangible results that will positively impact your ability to serve your patients.


Acreditas Global provides affordable accreditation services to ensure that quality health care accreditation is achievable for health care organizations of varying sizes. Our adjusted pricing makes it a real possibility for international health care organizations to gain the benefits of having one of the most prestigious accreditation organizations as a strategic partner.

Cultural Sensitivity

Acreditas Global is a solution-oriented, accreditation partner with a global cultural understanding. We understand that each region has valid health care practices, values, and goals that are part of the local culture. We try to integrate them as much as possible in the process because we know that, regardless of where you are or which language you speak, your number-one concern is the quality of care you deliver to your patients. We also believe all patients deserve the best care possible regardless of where they live.

Many organizations worldwide have chosen to demonstrate their commitment to their patient’s well-being by achieving accreditation with Acreditas Global.

See our accredited organizations

The following are organizations that achieved AAAHC Accreditation.

Dominican Republic

Oncology/Radiology Centers

  • Centro Avanzado de Radioterapia Savia Care, Santo Domingo
  • Centro de Radioterapia del CIBAO, S.A., Santiago
  • Centro de Radioterapia IORC, Santiago
  • Centro de Radioterapia y Oncología Integral, RADONIC, Santo Domingo


Ambulatory Surgery Center

  • Centro de Cirugia Ambulatoria Paitilla S.A, Panama


Ambulatory Surgery Center

  • MEDAVAN, Lima
  • Sanna Centro Clinico la Molina, Lima
  • Sanna Centro Clinico Miraflores, Lima

Hospital Clinics

  • Clínica Santa Isabel, Lima
  • Sanna Centro Clinico Chacarilla, Lima

Oncology Centers

  • Aliada, Lima

For more information, inquiries, change notifications, or feedback please contact us at

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Kershner Quality Improvement Award

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Kershner QI Awards recognize excellence in quality improvement methodology and outcomes for AAAHC-accredited organizations in both the surgical/procedural and primary care space.

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