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Accreditation for Primary Care Providers

Demonstrate your commitment to
high-quality care

AAAHC provides accreditation services to a wide range of primary care practice settings including Accreditation with Medical Home and/or Dental Home. Our organization comprehensively serves the primary care community.

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  • Ambulatory health care clinics
  • College and university health centers
  • Community health centers
  • Dental group practices
  • Diagnostic imaging center
  • Federally Qualified Community Health Centers
  • Independent physician associations (IPAs)
  • Indian Health centers
  • Lithotripsy centers
  • Medical Home organizations
  • Military health care facilities
  • Multispecialty group practices
  • Pain management centers
  • Radiation oncology centers
  • Single specialty group practices
  • Urgent or immediate care centers
  • Women’s health centers
  • Worksite health centers…and more!

Primary care organizations that meet AAAHC survey eligibility criteria may apply for an accreditation survey.

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Primary Care

Accreditation for Government Agencies

Elevate government-delivered health care.

Primary Care

Accreditation with Medical Home

Elevate your Accreditation with Medical Home.

Primary Care

Accreditation with Dental Home

Elevate your Accreditation with Dental Home.

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Achieving Accreditation

Strengthen your accreditation readiness

Achieving Accreditation is an interactive, immersive event designed to help you learn and prepare for your AAAHC survey while developing a deeper understanding of AAAHC Standards. We are facing the future together…1095 Strong!

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Kershner Quality Improvement Award

Check out exemplary studies

Kershner QI Awards recognize excellence in quality improvement methodology and outcomes for AAAHC-accredited organizations in both the surgical/procedural and primary care space.

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