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The scope of a survey is determined by AAAHC staff based on review of the application and supporting documentation. Questions regarding the scope of a survey should be directed to the AAAHC office before the survey. For ongoing educational purposes, the AAAHC may assign (an) additional surveyor(s) or a staff observer to a survey at no additional expense to the organization being surveyed.

The survey fee is based in information obtained from the organization’s Application for Survey and supporting documentation. Factors considered in determining price include the size, type and range of services provided by the organization. An invoice will be sent when the application is determined to be complete. Except where prohibited by law, the survey fee must be paid no later than 20 calendar days prior to the survey date or 20 calendar days from the receipt of the invoice, whichever is later. Failure to pay the survey fee in advance will result in cancellation of the survey.

Survey dates are determined by AAAHC in cooperation with the organization being surveyed. Except in the case of a Medicare Deemed Status Survey which must be unannounced, every attempt is made to schedule the survey at a convenient time for the requesting organization. Once a survey has been scheduled, the AAAHC sends a confirmation of the date(s) of the survey, the name(s) of the surveyors who will conduct the survey, the survey schedule, and other information about the review. Specific date and surveyor names are not provided for AAAHC/Medicare Deemed Status surveys.