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Organization City State TypeProgram
Bel Air Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLCForest HillMDASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Oregon State University, Student Health ServicesCorvallisORGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Boston Eye Surgery & Laser Center TrustBostonMAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
The Cataract and Laser Center, IncDedhamMAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York, LLCBronxNYASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
Mission Ambulatory Surgicenter, Ltd.Mission ViejoCAASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
Columbia Eye & Specialty Surgery Center, LtdTampaFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
West Shore Endoscopy Center, LLCCamp HillPAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
American University Student Health CenterWashingtonDCGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
St. Cloud State University Medical ClinicSt. CloudMNGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Los Robles SurgiCenter, LLCThousand OaksCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Lasky Clinic Surgical Center, Inc.Beverly HillsCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Lexington Surgery Center, Ltd.LexingtonKYASCAmbulatory Accreditation
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyEdinburgTXGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
New York University Student Health CenterNew YorkNYGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Ambulatory Surgery CenterTampaFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
University of Kansas Watkins Health ServicesLawrenceKSGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Pacific Eye Surgery Center, LLCBurbankCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
The Endoscopy Center of Knoxville, LPKnoxvilleTNASCAmbulatory Accreditation
MSL Facial & Oral Surgery, LLCWarwickRIOBSAmbulatory Accreditation
Bill and Lucille Magers Family Health and Wellness Center, Missouri State UniversitySpringfieldMOGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center, Inc.SacramentoCAOBSAmbulatory Accreditation
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.KensingtonMDASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Premier Surgery Center of Louisville LPLouisvilleKYASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Brighton Medical CorporationBeverly HillsCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Long Island Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCBrentwoodNYASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Idaho Endoscopy Center, LLCBoiseIDASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Beard Wellness CenterCobleskillNYGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Winter Haven / Sebring FL Ophthalmology ASC, LLCWinter HavenFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
HealthCare Partners ASC-LB, LLCLong BeachCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Eye Surgery Center of Maryville, LLCMaryvilleILASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Benedetto Dermatologic Surgicenter, LLCDrexel HillPAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Magnolia Surgery CenterWestminsterCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Family Health Services of Darke County, IncGreenvilleOHGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation with Medical and Dental Home
Endoscopy Center of Southeast Georgia, Inc.VidaliaGAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Emory University Student Health ServicesAtlantaGAGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
The Surgery Center of Indianapolis, LLCCarmelINASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Florida Outpatient Surgery Center, LTD.Altamonte SpringsFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Kissimmee Surgicare Ltd.KissimmeeFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Charles B. Goddard Health CenterNormanOKGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Sagamore Surgical Services, Inc.LafayetteINASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center, LLCBedfordNHASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
Arusha LLCExtonPAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
The Eye Associates Surgery CenterBradentonFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
The Endoscopy Center of South Bay, LPTorranceCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Steven B. Hopping, MDWashingtonDCOBSAmbulatory Accreditation
Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Inc.Fort MyersFLGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Center for Endoscopy, LLCOceansideCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Florida Atlantic University Student Health ServicesBoca RatonFLGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Resurgens Surgical Center, LLCAtlantaGAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Washington Outpatient Surgery Center, LLCFremontCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Thomas H. Faerber, MD of Kansas, PAOverland ParkKSOBSAmbulatory Accreditation
Premiere Surgery Center, Inc.EscondidoCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Surgi-Suite, Inc.OmahaNEASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Boca Raton Outpatient Surgery and Laser Center LtdBoca RatonFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Oklahoma Outpatient Surgery Limited PartnershipOklahoma CityOKASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Space Coast Surgical Center, Ltd.Merritt IslandFLASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Parkview Ortho Center, LLCFort WayneINASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Riverside Medical Clinic, Inc.RiversideCAGroup PracticeAmbulatory Accreditation
UCSD Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCLa JollaCAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
LGH-A/Golf ASTC, LLCDes PlainesILASCAmbulatory Accreditation
USCG Academy ClinicNew LondonCTGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation with Medical and Dental Home
Quad City Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLCMolineILASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Greensboro Ophthalmology ASC, LLCGreensboroNCASCAmbulatory Accreditation
University of Pittsburgh Student Health ServicePittsburghPAGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Frederick Surgical Center, LLCFrederickMDASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Southeastern Surgical CenterSandy SpringsGAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
North Campus Surgery Center, LLCIndianapolisINASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Cukrowski Surgery Center, PCFlintMIASCAmbulatory Accreditation
St. George Surgical Center, LPSt. GeorgeUTASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Tri-State Centers for Sight, IncCincinnatiOHASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Columbus Endoscopy Center, LLCColumbusGAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Associated Health Services, Inc.DurhamNCASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery CenterVirginia BeachVAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Paducah Ophthalmology ASC, LLCPaducahKYASCAmbulatory Accreditation
SCP Indianapolis, LLCIndianapolisINASCAmbulatory Accreditation
ARC Worcester Surgical Center, LPWorcesterMAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Kunesh Eye Surgery Center, Inc.DaytonOHASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Dauphin West Surgery CenterMobileALASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Millman-Derr Center for Eye Care, PCRochester HillsMIASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Center for Surgical CareFlorenceKYASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityBlacksburgVAGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
California State University, Dominguez Hills, Student Health CenterCarsonCAGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Simi Surgery Center, Inc.Simi ValleyCAASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Student Health ServicesCarbondaleILGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation with Medical Home
Birmingham Outpatient Surgical Center, LtdBirminghamALASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Dental Specialists of Minnesota, PLLCBrooklyn CenterMNGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Texas A & M University Student Health ServicesCollege StationTXGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation
Arturo Betancourt, MD, PAGlen BurnieMDASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Cataract and Refractive Surgery Center, LLCRichmondVAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Forefront Dermatology, S.C.Bingham FarmsMIOBSAmbulatory Accreditation
East Beltline Surgical Center, Inc.Grand RapidsMIASCAmbulatory Accreditation
The Urology Center, PCOmahaNEASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Advanced Surgery Center Perimeter, LLCSandy SpringsGAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Northwest Michigan Health Services, Inc.Traverse CityMIGeneral Health ClinicAmbulatory Accreditation with Medical Home
Heritage Surgery CenterMckinneyTXASCAmbulatory Accreditation
AnMed Health Medicus Surgery Center, LLCAndersonSCASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
DelVal ASC, LLCWaynePAASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Gadsden Surgery Center, LtdGadsdenALASCAmbulatory Accreditation
Suncoast Eye Center, P.A.HudsonFLASCMedicare Deemed Status Accreditation
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