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Volume 3 | Issue 2 | Feb 2024

AAAHC launches 1095 Engage to transform the ambulatory accreditation landscape

In April, AAAHC will introduce our 1095 Engage Accreditation Management System (AMS). This exciting, new accreditation and compliance-management portal provides a single-source operations solution for documentation, client profile information management, communication, and streamlined workflow.

With 1095 Engage, clients take control of their accreditation journey. 1095 Engage transforms the accreditation process through automation that delivers quality and consistency throughout the accreditation process, generates curated Standards, and facilitates information consolidation for all organization types and programs.

7 ways 1095 Engage improves the accreditation cycle

  1. Living Profile. Starting with the application process, clients provide specific information about their organization so that AAAHC can better serve our client’s accreditation and certification needs. This application transforms into a living profile that organizations can easily maintain throughout the accreditation cycle. On an annual basis and when applying for renewal for accreditation or certification, the primary contact will review the 1095 Engage living profile for accuracy, provide any recent updates, and upload current supporting documentation, as necessary. For renewal clients, upon initial system launch, AAAHC will populate the profile with the information collected from the prior application, recent Change Notifications, or details extracted through the most recent full onsite survey. Clients will be required to provide additional information that supports profile expansion and completion allowing AAAHC to better curate the accreditation and certification experience.
  2. Easy Change Notifications. Throughout the 1095 cycle, the primary contact can submit Change Notifications pertaining to significant changes within the organization (e.g., ownership, scope of service changes). 1095 Engage will guide clients through the information and documentation requirements that can be conveniently submitted directly through the 1095 Engage portal.
  3. Curated Standards. The living profile and Change Notifications work together to provide each organization with a set of curated AAAHC Standards. This unique 1095 Engage feature is designed to focus client and Surveyor efforts on relevant compliance requirements. For reference and educational purposes, all participating organizations will continue to have access to the entire AAAHC program handbook.
  4. Preliminary Survey Report. Following the onsite survey, AAAHC Surveyor(s) will complete and post a Preliminary
    Survey Report that provides an expedited draft view of their findings. While the report does not include commentary and is subject to change, the Preliminary Survey Report provides surveyed organizations an early
    start on the development of Plans of Correction. When applicable (varies by program), for all or specific deficiencies, organizations will submit Plans of Correction to AAAHC through 1095 Engage. Additionally, 1095 Engage will house the submitted Plan of Correction, Survey Report, Decision Letter, and Certificates—all available for download and future reference, as needed.
  5. Ongoing Compliance Verification. Based on an organization’s anniversary date, AAAHC will require organizations to submit an annual attestation through the 1095 Engage portal demonstrating that the organization has conducted a self-assessment against current standards, implemented sustainable corrective action to address any deficiencies identified, and has 0verified that their profile is accurate and up-to-date. To assist with this process, AAAHC provides clients with access to a variety of resources readily available in the portal Help Curtain including updated handbooks, survey preparation guidance, self-assessment tools, worksheets, and other resources.
  6. Modified Billing Structure. For access to the 1095 Engage portal features, clients seeking initial AAAHC Accreditation/Certification will establish a business unit record and pay an application fee. Once payment is confirmed, an organization will have access to the full program application and selected program handbook. 1095 Engage guides an organization from the accreditation or certification application through the onsite survey process. Once the onsite survey is completed, the organization will receive an invoice that reflects the actual scope of the survey and must be paid prior to decision release.
  7. Multisite Hierarchies. Organizations that own and/or manage multiple ambulatory facilities may establish their organizational hierarchy to monitor upcoming surveys, annual attestations, and access to historical survey information.

More to come.1095 Engage provides a strong foundation for more functionality, automation, and efficiencies that
enable each organization to strengthen compliance, engage team members in the accreditation/certification process, and be survey, patient, or member-ready— all 1,095 days of the accreditation or certification cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions: 1095 Engage

What does conversion to the 1095 Engage portal mean to me as an accredited organization?

As AAAHC transitions to 1095 Engage, we have placed the needs of clients at the forefront. Features of the AMS include a living profile that drives Standards curation, facilitates organizational Change Notifications, reinforces ongoing compliance, and accelerates triennial renewal processes. 1095 Engage also provides on demand access to accreditation documents, such as decision letters, survey reports, and certificates. These features can drive efficiencies, facilitate staff transitions, and allow for heightened focus on compliance versus administrative paperwork.

When can I access and start using the system?

Beginning April 2024, AAAHC will email notifications to the Primary Contact and Chief Medical Officer of all participating organizations that contains instructions for the new system login process. Organizations seeking initial AAAHC Accreditation/Certification will have access to the system upon system launch.

Who has access to the profile?

Initially, an organization’s existing Primary Contact and Chief Medical Officer will have access to 1095 Engage. These individuals can add system users and modify privileges as needed. AAAHC encourages all organizations to designate two Primary Contacts.

If I just started my application in the existing legacy (current) system, do I need to restart in the 1095 Engage system?

AAAHC will migrate applications submitted prior to the end of February to the new 1095 Engage portal. Organizations will need to submit additional application information to ensure completeness and accuracy and enable Standards curation. AAAHC will provide a step-by-step eLearning curriculum to guide system use, and our Account Management team is available to assist with the transition.

What are the benefits of 1095 Engage?

1095 Engage offers single-source operations solutions through our uniquely designed Accreditation Management System (AMS). Organizations will have access to a full suite of electronic guidance and tools to help keep your required application/profile documentation organized and updated, and your organization 1095 Strong.

If I submitted my application in the legacy system, will my survey be conducted through the new 1095 Engage portal?

AAAHC will notify each client impacted by the change regarding transition time. Depending on the program, survey type, and timing, an organization that submits its application in the legacy system will be transitioned to the new system or may complete their journey in our legacy systems. Our goal is to ensure timely surveys for new organizations and survey completion prior to anniversary date for renewal clients. Regardless of the system used for the onsite survey, all client information will be transitioned to 1095 Engage after the accreditation decision is awarded.

What training and support is available during 1095 Engage implementation?

AAAHC is developing an eLearning curriculum accessible to all clients through our 1095 Learn Learning Management System. These on demand modules provide a step-by-step journey from Application completion to Plans of Correction and Annual Attestation to ensure efficient, effective use of the 1095 Engage portal. AAAHC will notify all clients when these modules are available and how to access the education. Additionally, our talented Account Management team is on standby to assist clients throughout their accreditation or certification journey.

Conferences & Exhibits

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    March 10–12, Nashville, TN, Booth 1356
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA)
    April 17–19, Orlando, FL, Booth 602
  • American College Health Association (ACHA)
    May 28–June 1, Atlanta, GA, Booth 600
  • Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (FSASC)
    July 17–19, Orlando, FL
  • Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society (TASCS)
    July 24–26, Galveston, TX
  • National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC )
    August 24–26, Atlanta, GA

1095 Learn

2024 Achieving Accreditation

  • March 21–22
    Orlando, FL Onsite
  • September 16–18 Virtual
  • December 12–13
    Las Vegas, NV Onsite

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Benchmarking Studies impact quality improvement

The AAAHC Institute for Quality Improvement offers Benchmarking Studies to help you conduct effective, data-driven improvement within your organization. Know where you stand relative to your peers. Identify performance goals and interventions for quality improvement by participating in benchmarking studies.

Benchmarking Studies are open to any ambulatory health care center. The annual subscription rate provides access to participation in a maximum of four Benchmarking Studies per year (two per calendar year cycle).

The annual subscription model also allows subscribing organizations to access all study reports, regardless of participation, at the end of the study cycle.

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