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Ambulatory health care organizations accredited by AAAHC, take pride in their achievement and work hard to communicate the meaning and significance of accreditation to their most valuable contacts-current and potential patients, third-party payors, insurance companies, managed care companies, and other health care organizations.

As health care costs rise and quality of care increasingly becomes a public and professional concern, it is important to provide information to patients that will be useful in their selection of appropriate and cost-effective health care services.

Here are some ideas to support your communications efforts:

Sample Releases and Letters

A sample news release and sample announcement letter have been developed to serve as a template for your own personalized marketing campaign. These should be personalized and retyped on your own organization’s letterhead. The press release can be sent to your local media, while the announcement letter is suited to third-party payers, business and community leaders and contacts, local government agencies, local medical societies, professional organization and patients.

These documents are intended to act as guidelines for organizations to use when customizing their approach. Tailoring marketing activities and materials to meet your organization’s specific needs will greatly enhance their effectiveness. For assistance or further information, please contact the AAAHC marketing department at 847/853.6060.