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As indicated in CMS memo Admin Info: 23-14-NLTC, CMS will resume accreditation organization (AO) validation surveys beginning in October 2023. These surveys will follow the Direct Observation Validation Survey (DOVS) format, where a CMS team (national survey contractors) of equal composition to the AAAHC team will observe the AAAHC survey process. The DOVS format replaces the traditional validation survey model of State Agency Surveyors arriving unannounced within 60 days of the AO survey.

As with all CMS surveys, the validation survey component is also unannounced. ASCs will not know whether their center has been randomly selected by CMS for a validation survey. No additional preparation or activity is required by the ASC. The CMS contractor team will arrive with the AAAHC Surveyors at the start of the survey. They will identify themselves as CMS contractors and will observe the AAAHC survey activities. Questions can be directed to or (847) 853-6060.

Please note, the purpose of the AO validation survey is to ensure AOs are consistently and accurately surveying deemed facilities for compliance with Medicare health and safety requirements.

For more information, please download the FAQs