Kershner Innovations in Quality Improvement Award

A redesigned Innovations Award Program

In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, the AAAHC Institute is revamping some elements of our award program.

What has changed? 

  • We hope to recognized 3 organizations' QI studies for the primary care and 3 for the surgical/procedural care categories.
  • These 6 organizations will make poster presentations.
  • The presentations will be at the March 2017 AAAHC Achieving Accreditation Program in Tampa, Florida.
  • An honoraria will be awarded to one representative of each of the 6 organizations making poster presentations.
  • Airfare and hotel are no longer awarded.

What has remained the same?

  • The criteria and process of review of applications remains the same, as does the application, which provides detailed information on the criteria and review process.
  • The (now 6) organizations recognized by this program will each receive 1 complimentary registration for the March 2017 AAAHC Achieving Accreditation meeting.

We are eager to review your outstanding QI study.  Please complete and submit an application.  Please note that the deadline for submissions is September 2, 2016, at noon Central Time. 


To learn more about these studies and others' award winning activities since 2004, order the latest AAAHC Institute Innovations Award Compendium.