Are you ready to treat an Ebola patient?

Hopefully, the chances of an Ebola case turning up at your door are remote.
But if it did, are you prepared?  Would your staff know what to do?
Are they adequately trained? Is personal protective equipment available?
Do you have policies in place to handle this type of contingency?

AAAHC Standard 7.1.H requires that “Policies are in place for
the isolation or immediate transfer of patients with a communicable disease.”

Further, that “a mechanism is in place to notify public health authorities.”
Are you confident that your staff is ready to handle those requirements?

Fortunately, the CDC has lots of information on its web site that your staff can turn to for help and guidance.  We strongly recommend that you refer to the CDC resource to make sure that if the worst scenario were to happen, you and your entire
organization would know exactly what to do.