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The Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) HRSA Accreditation and Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative is designed to:

  • Provide a means for health centers to integrate, monitor and improve the quality of health care.
  • Increase patient and staff safety in health centers.
  • Increase marketability of health center services within the community.
  • Provide a means for health centers to achieve Patient-Centered Medical Home Accreditation.

AAAHC has been awarded contracts to participate in the Health Centers Accreditation Initiative.

Under the Initiative, BPHC will address costs for:

  • Accreditation Handbook for Ambulatory Health Care
  • Pre-survey assessment process
  • Mock survey
  • Technical Assistance
  • Application fee
  • Survey fee

AAAHC accreditation includes ambulatory, laboratory and behavioral health services in one survey. Health Centers can also opt to have their Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care included as part of their accreditation survey.

Survey preparation and readiness

AAAHC will work directly with your approved health center to help you prepare for the survey. We can provide:

  • Accreditation Readiness
    A packet of information to familiarize approved health centers with the accreditation process and the responsibilities of both the AAAHC and the health center during the survey. Additional readiness activities include a pre-survey assessment conference call between the AAAHC surveyor and the health center.
  • Resource Library
    Web-based resources to assist with survey readiness. Contact Mona Sweeney for access to this password protected site.
  • Webinars on topics important to health centers.
  • Accreditation Handbook for Ambulatory Health Care
    AAAHC Standards are found in the Handbook. Compliance will be determined by:
    1.  Documented evidence, e.g., chart review, policies and procedures, credentialing and personnel records, etc.
    2.  Health center staff responses to detailed questions concerning implementation, i.e., staff interviews.
    3.  On-site observations and patient interview(s) by AAAHC surveyors.

Health centers that are found to be accreditable will be awarded a three-year term of accreditation with or without Medical Home Accreditation.  A Plan for Improvement (PFI) may be required when a portion of the health center’s operations is acceptable, but other areas need to be improved upon. The PFI should identify the steps and actions the center will take to to bring findings of non-compliant areas to an acceptable level of performance.

AAAHC Survey

The AAAHC survey process is designed to be interactive, educational, and consultative. Surveyors are established health care professionals who bring real-world experience to the process. During the survey, AAAHC surveyors may offer suggestions and consultative comments relating to how specific processes may be improved. While a final determination of the scope of survey (that is, the number of survey days and the number of surveyors) cannot be established until a completed application is received, most health centers can plan to be surveyed over a 2 – 2 1/2 day period by a team of 2-3 surveyors. We will work with health center staff to identify convenient survey dates.

Where to start

You must notify HRSA of your intent to participate in the APCMH Initiative by submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) in the HRSA EHB. To do so, pleaes go to the Grant Folder and click the ‘HRSA Accreditation/PCMH Initiative’ link.

For assistance with your EHB account please contact the BPHC Helpline at (877) 974-2742. For assistance in completing an NOI through the EHB, please refer to the HRSA EHB NOI training presentation.

AAAHC will provide the health center a Community Health Accreditation Kit. Approximately one week after receipt of these materials, the health center will be contacted to discuss the pre-survey assessment and application processes.

To request additional information about AAAHC or information about the HRSA Accreditation and Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition Initiative, please contact Mona Sweeney (847.324.7487).